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"Windows shutters, as with most other window treatments, are used for the following reasons: to maintain privacy, protect against weather elements, and control the amount of light coming into the room."

Solar Screens

In the average home, windows take in about 50% heat gain, which then turns into 50% of the workload in your air conditioning unit. Once the heat rays come in through your windows, they begin to expand throughout the room in form of heat. Solar screens are exterior mounted window coverings that shade your windows glass. Solar screens block the sun’s rays before they penetrate the windows glass surface. Due to this type of shading, they are about six times more effective than most other interior window coverings, making them a great asset to any home. There are several other pros in installing Solar Window Screens. They critically reduce your AC Units workload, which then results in an average 35% lower energy bill. Window Screens also give out a unique custom look to your home. They increase daytime privacy, due to its texture visibility from the outside it appears as it’s night time, but from the inside it still remains with excellent outward visibility. Solar screens also provide protection to your furniture, carpet and blinds from fading due to UV Rays. They can also serve as Bug Screens, giving you the option of opening you windows during those humid summers, while preventing any mosquitoes or other insects from entering your home. With all the pros and benefits there isn’t any excuses to not acquire these from your home, they will pay off and SAVE YOU money. Call us or email us now to schedule a free consultation.

Colonial Solar Screens

Colonial Solar Screen

Colonial Solar Screens are the most luxurious and attractive solar Screens available. They offer all the same functions as the normal Solar Screens, such as Heat Blockage and protection, but in addition we install aluminum rails to them, so they can resemble the original look of your window. We offer these in various Shades of black and different color aluminum frames. Colonial Solar Screens will transform the appearance of your house, giving it a luxurious look and feel.

Solar Screens

Solar Screen

Solar Sun Screens are manufactured to block the heat from the strong UV Rays of the Sun and eliminate the glare before it comes through to your window. In addition to their ability to deflect the heat of the sun, solar window screens also provide privacy and add beauty to your home. These Sun Screens are installed outside your window, making them perfect to block the heat BEFORE it even trespasses through your windows.. These Screens are some of the most energy efficient shades in the industry.