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"Windows shutters, as with most other window treatments, are used for the following reasons: to maintain privacy, protect against weather elements, and control the amount of light coming into the room."


Today’s market offers many different type of Window Shades. Pleated Shades are great for privacy as they aren’t transparent and still allow sunlight to shine throughout the room. But if one desires greater light filtering, we offer Cellular shades also called Honeycomb Shades. These types of Window Shades are double layered with an air pocket in the middle, making them perfect for trapping sunlight and heat. Simple and modern describes our Roller Shades. These sophisticated Window Shades are available in Light Filtering or Room Darkening, and also available in a wide selection of fabric patterns and colors. If you’re searching for something elegant we offer our Roman Shades, fabricated out of fine fabric. Also available, our stylish Bamboo Shades, transforming any room into a tranquil oasis. Call us or email us now to schedule a free consultation.

Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Looking for a shade but with a little more insulation? Then we might be able to assist your needs. Cellular Shades also known as Honeycomb Shades for their beehive-like design are a great source of insulation as they have a Double Pleated layer with an air pocket in between the two. This design acts as “Heat Trap” for the suns rays entering through the glass windows, allowing the room to be several degrees cooler.

Light Filtering Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Practical. Concealable. Modern. Our Roller Shades not only transform a simple room to a sophisticated area, they also provide various styles of light diffusion ranging anywhere from Light Filtering to Room-Darkening. This type of shades offers vital protection from UV rays that can damage and fade furniture, and are also very Eco-Friendly as they help to maintain a cooler room temperature. These type of shades can be used indoors and also outdoors, as they act as sunglasses for you patio and porches, keeping the sun out and still being able to maintain the view.

Light Filtering Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Roman Shades are some of the most elegant and luxurious window coverings in the industry. When one places Roman Shades in a room, it transforms the area into a sophisticated and tranquil environment. We have a wide selection in fabrics and designs for our Roman Shades. You also have the option of our sleek Flat or the elegant Hobbled style. Other Options include Room Darkening, Light Filtering, and Continuous Loop System.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades

Are you seeking something unique and different? Woven Wood shades are a perfect choice to those to transform a certain area into a relaxing abyss. We offer many different types of Woven Woods such as, Bamboo, Jute and Natural Reeds and Grasses. Apart from setting exotic environments, our Woven Woods are made from renewable resources, so not only do they look great they are Eco-Friendly as well.

Panel Track Shades

Panel Track Shades

Are you having difficulty covering those huge sliding doors? Would you like some shades that would blend in and not appear abstract from your décor or an alternative to a typical Vertical Blinds? We offer a great design that would be a perfect fit for your Sliding doors, Patios and even serve as Room Dividers! Panel Track Shades cover every bit of area in your window, from floor to ceiling. As with the rest of our shades, we offer all kinds of different styles and fabrics, give us a call and we’ll assist you choosing the perfect fit and look for your window.

Soft Sheer Light Filtering Horizontal

Soft Sheer Horizontal Shades

Our light filtering roller shades gives your house the right balance of sunlight coming in. Have you ever wondered how some houses look sunny and airy without the sun shining on your face? They probably have one of our light filtering roller shades. If not ours, then it’s an expensive one.

If you want to create the same atmosphere without spending too much on your shades, then pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll discuss how to beautify your house free of charge! We’ll even help you pick the color that would fit your home quite nicely.