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"Windows shutters, as with most other window treatments, are used for the following reasons: to maintain privacy, protect against weather elements, and control the amount of light coming into the room."


Window Blinds aren’t any longer just for décor these days. Both Horizontal and Vertical Blinds, assist homeowners in saving hundreds of dollars during the year ,as they’re energy efficient, making the overall home temperature several degrees cooler. There are several different blinds that have their distinctive looks and purposes. Wood Blinds and Faux wood Blinds look nearly identical even to us professionals, it’s not till one feels the texture of the material when we realize the difference. Faux Wood Blinds are made of a strong poly, making them resistant in high humidity areas such as Kitchens and Restrooms. Another type of Window Blinds that serves the same purpose is the Aluminum Blinds. These Blinds are humidity resistant and also have the plus of being highly resistant, making them great in children’s rooms and high traffic areas. If you’d like to stand out a little more, and want to go on a different route than Horizontal Blinds, we offer our Vertical Blinds. These type of Blinds are elegant, durable and work great on sliding doors and wide windows. Whatever vision you have in mind, we’ll make it a reality.

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds are rapidly becoming the most popular style of window coverings among homeowners. With a wide selection of stains, you could make any space appear rustic with a Pecan Oak stain to a more modern and bold look with an Eggshell white finish. Our Wood Blinds are crafted out of American Bass wood, which is strong and durable, yet light and flexible. These Wood Blinds come in different slat sizes, such as 2” Inches and 2 ½ inches”, having the option to customize it to your windows specifications.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds are quickly becoming the new solution for inexpensive window coverings. These blinds aren’t low quality imitations, in the contrary, these blinds are made of highly durable PVC, which appears identical as real Wood Blinds, the only difference you will notice is in the quote! Faux Wood Blinds are a preferable choice in areas with high humidity, such as Restrooms and Kitchens. Reason being is the PVC won’t bend or crack with the moisture. Great Value, quality product, customizable look, order now!!

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds or Mini Blinds as some prefer to call them are very versatile, making them a breeze to operate and maintain. Our Mini Blinds are not only used at residential properties but are extremely popular in Commercial projects. These Horizontal blinds are perfect for Daycares, Stores, Restaurants, and Offices. Up keeping with Horizontal Aluminum Mini Blinds is facile, making them a great option in window coverings.

Smooth Vertical PVC Blind

Vertical Blinds

Do you feel like you need a little more privacy on your patio? Want to cover those enormous sliding doors? Our Vertical Blinds are a great option, as they are constructed out of durable materials, such as Wood, Faux Wood, Smooth PVC, Plastic and Fabric. Because of this, they are great to use in an area commonly used by children, as they can be easily maintained and cleaned with a moist cloth to appear brand new throughout the years. We have several different colors to choose from, give us a call and well customize the perfect Vertical Blinds for you!